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Election Campaign at Al-Huda Academy 2016

posted Nov 8, 2016, 1:25 PM by
We had planned Election Campaign in the school for KG and up students and they were given awareness on the concept.  Students in grades 3-5 wrote and delivered speeches in assembly for in class voting for president and vice-president. The In-class voting took place on Friday, October 28th. All students in the class voted.We  had 3 Presidential candidates and 3 Vice Presidential Candidates, one each from 3rd-5th grade. All the KG-Up students and teachers cast their votes for the president and Vice President on November, 3rd during the assembly.

Al-Huda Academy election result was announced by our invited guest Michelle Mussman (our State representative for the District 56th ). Our 2nd grader Amsah Ahmad presented her the bouquet on the reception. Michelle was extremely pleased to meet our faculty and confident students. She declared the result and Fatima Azeez our president delivered her speech.Michelle honored the president and Vice president with the badges. The students of 1st Grade -5th Grade went for the field trip the next day and watched the play "The Kid who ran to become the president " at Depaul University Down town.

Mrs. Altaf
Vice- Principal