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Junior Achievement USA

posted Feb 10, 2016, 2:06 PM by   [ updated Feb 18, 2016, 7:37 PM ]

Dear All,

I am very delighted to share with all the Al-Huda families that our Junior Achievement day was very successful today.  We had volunteers from JA and some leading companies like Motorola solutions, Zurich. They visited our school and taught KG- 6th grade.

Edger Montes the volunteer in Kindergarten introduced personal economics and the choices one has to make to earn and save money. The kindergartners were overwhelmed to get piggy bank from Edger to crystallize the concept of saving.

Renee Grinvalds volunteered in 1st grade and focused on the roles people play in economy. They were taught how families earn money to pay for their needs and wants.

Scott Wu represented Zurichna and demonstrated on a map how people are engaged in different jobs to build a strong economy. He also highlighted through hands-on activities how citizens benefit from and contribute to the success of the community.

Joel Gomez focused on the different ways people pay for goods and services. They built a paper city on a map. Students consider the contributions that financial institutions make to city and how these hubs support businesses to prosper.

Alan Zinder from Motorola introduced the concept of “Entrepreneur” and how they use natural human resources to produce goods and services. Some of the 4th graders exhibited their skills how to be effective and successful entrepreneurs in the interactive sessions.

Samantha Morris the organizer of JA spoke about Entrepreneurship stating examples of Macdonald and assigned them a project to advertise something they would like to invent when they will grow up. The students showcased very brilliant ideas and learnt extensively about entrepreneurship.

Samantha also briefed the 5th and 6th grade students that they all are eligible to apply for JA scholarships for their team work and participation worth $1000-40,000 after their high school studies. She presented the CDs to the whole class and gave them the link  They are fortunate that the school opened this venue to them to apply for JA scholarships once they graduate high school.

All the students were awarded with JA participation certificates. All the volunteers were deeply satisfied with the curiosity and excitement level of students towards learning and they also expressed their gratitude to teachers for making those wonderful “Thank-You” cards with the personal touch of all the students of each grade.

It was certainly a very awesome Junior Achievement day at Al-Huda Academy!