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Math and Science Lead teacher( Upper Elementary and Middle Grades)

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Math and Science Teacher for Upper Elementary and Middle Grades


Qualifications and Required Skills:


·         Holds a Master’s degree majoring in Maths and science from the US.

  • Holds teachers license and appropriate endorsement(s) and/or meets Illinois Teaching Certificate to meet the accreditation requirements for teaching the middle-grade level.
  • Must possess strong ability to build relationships with colleagues and parent body to develop a working team.
  • To be familiar with the Bloom’s taxonomy and plan her lessons to challenge her students to close the achievement gaps.

·         Ability to relate to the students, strong organizational skills, and the ability to multi-task and initiate different clubs and committees.

·         Must have some knowledge and experience to launch STEM in the school.

·         References will be provided by the job seeker which can be verified by the employer.

  • Background check and fingerprinting must be done by the new staff member upon acceptance of a position at Al-Huda Academy. A copy of the results must be provided to the school administration before starting a position. This information must be kept current.
  •  Must be able to incorporate technology into teaching, lift a minimum of 40 pounds, and work indoors or outdoors. Must be able to assume postures in low levels to allow physical and visual contact with children, see and hear well enough to keep children safe, and engage in physical activity with children.
  • Ability to speak, read, and write Standard US English.



·         Successful completion of student teaching assignment.

·         Previous teaching experience in Math and Science with a track record of producing outstanding results in standardized testing preferably in public or private schools of US.


Please send resumes and cover letter to the Principal Mrs. Altaf

Or call her at (1)630-270-3130 ext. 203 to schedule a formal interview.